Pavones Market 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are staying healthy and trusting your own immune system. After all our body is well engineered.

Today I would like to give you a description of the real estate market here in Pavones.

2020 was a complete wash until December , then sales started to happen, many of you and us, wanted to find a safer place where nature is abundant. After all, we are going through a main humanity crisis right now, so having a garden with fruit trees and less people around us is quite appealing.

2021, sales kept happening, building are pupping out, we became suddenly super busy.

Real estate price didn’t quite raise except for few properties whose owners are not decided to sale: sell or not sell, that is the question….

In Pavones, row land is priced between $80 to 115 per sq/m or $8 to 11 per sq/f. Many lots got sold . Ocean lots with good title are rare in Pavones, there are few left like those below:

over 20 homes got sold this past year so we are lacking of turn key homes: see an extract of the list of homes sold this year with their listed priced. I am not publishing the selling price for “privacy respect” but it was not far , for most of those properties to their listed price.

  • 3 bedroom home in la Hierba, 1/8 of an acre $139,000
  • wooden home in la Hierba, 1/4 of an acre $65,000
  • 2 bedroom home in Santa Clara, 3.75 acres $319,000
  • 3 bedroom home in Pavones, 1/8 of an acre, $100,000
  • 2 bedroom ocean view home in Pilon, 0.6 acre $149,000
  • 1 bedroom ocean view home in pilon, 0.20 acre $175,000
  • lot with shack and plenty fruit trees in Cuervito, 0.6 of an acre at $55,000
  • Luxury three bedroom home ocean view in Pavones, $600,000
  • Three building compound in Pavones, 1/2 acre, $350,000

Ok don’t panic, there are still really nice homes available: check them out:

My favorites:

FYI, I have been really busy answering over 20 inquiries a week. It does take a lot of my time as all my answers are custom, you guys have tons of questions, have different project in mind. Properties are not always published on my website, so if you want to know the latest and promise to be loyal (real estate is a real joke on that matter), I will share those listing with you. So don’t hesitate to contact me, if you really want to get my attention, pick my real estate brain, but also understand that all work merits salary, then reach me on telegram or whatsapp: (00506) 8380-5877.

Gracias y saludos de Pavones where Life is green and good!!!

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