Ocean view lot Pavones

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Property Detail

  • Price

    : $65,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Area

    : 1.23 or 5000 sq/m

  • Location

    : Pavones

Property Description

$65,000 ocean view lot in Alta Mira, Pavones

You can actually walk to the lot from the grocery stores, and you will get there in around 20 minutes. From the lot you may also walk to the river of Pavones: Rio Claro river.

The lot has a decent ocean view. The access is a bit rough because of the road not maintained. Electricity will be an extra cost for this lot.

The lot has an existing structure on it but it is in pretty bad shape.

The lot is bordered by the river Rio Claro.

Pics will come soon, but lot is not clean, the forest is taking over. Great potential for this unmaintained area, close to the village: a car or a quad gets to the lot in around 6 minutes. 4×4 only.

Bring shoes or boots if you want to visit it.

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