River, ocean view lot for sale above Rancho Mar, Pavones

More Photos of The Property

Property Detail

  • Price

    : $75,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Area

    : 4.5 or 18000 sq/m

  • Location

    : Pavones

Property Description

1.8 hectare or 4.5 acres are now available .

This is the lot i got used to called Avatar’ s land for its huge and cetenery Baobab: the tree of life.

The lot is bordering the River Higo , a 5 minutes walk will get you to beautiful swin=mming holes and waterfall; see for your self;


The top of the property is fairly flat and has an ocean view that could be expanded by cutting few branches. few cabins could be also built on the way to the river.

The lot is not well manicured so pics are again not great, higher grass on both sides of the drive way.

The property has two rads access, by the top road, la Hierba road, and by the bottom, south of el Higuito river.

i actually own a lot in the same area, i am also bordering the river Higo and I can t wait to start building my home. Electricity is not available in that area, but many lots have been sold so we could get altogether to finance an electric project. I have managed few electric project so far so I am quite aware of what is needed to be completed.

Personaly, I like the option to use a solar system for this area to preserve the nature as much as we can: electric line and strong lights are not the best to protect the wild life.

For the water, a well shall be dugged.

Here are few pics:



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