Sustainable Income Property, one home + 2 cabins, la Piña, Pavones, walking distance to the beach.

More Photos of The Property

Property Detail

  • Price

    : $680,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Bedrooms

    : 3

  • Bathrooms

    : 3

  • Area

    : 1.37 acre or 5555 sq/m

  • Location

    : Pavones

Property Description

Sustainable Income Property,  3 cabins, la Piña, Pavones, walking distance to the beach.

This is a rare and  mature property  available now in Pavones. The property  features many great and desirable specs: income producing property over $25,000 per year, sustainable land with plenty fruit trees, walking distance to the beach, fiber optic internet, easy access with a 4 minute drive to Pavones. Keep reading: you will discover more.

The lot itself is fairly flat, and over 1.25 acre or 5,555 sq/m. It is fenced all around and only 250 yards/meters from the beach.

Paperwork is ready; strong clean title, survey and property taxe up to date.


There are three building on the property:

The main Cabin :

  • concrete and wooden bases.
  • made in wood
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bath
  • 1 laundry room
  • 1 large living room
  • nice equipped kitchen
  • 1 comfortable terrace

Wooden pine cabin, built in 2020: really well made and charming. Sold furnished.

  • 1 large bedroom
  • 1 bath with hot shower.
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 large terrace

Small cabin  built in strong concrete:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1  bath
  • 1 kitchen / terrace
  • 1 balcony


The whole property is equipped with:

  • Two 6,000 liters Water Tanks
  • Well: 7 m deep, 2m diameter ( two meters were  added in january 2024: total depth of the well: 7 meters.)
  • 6 solar pannels cover half of the electricity.
  • High speed internet: fiber optic.


The tropical garden is luxurious and mature . It is currently producing many Fruit trees, such as  grape fruits, oranges, papayas , star fruits,  bananes (3 different kinds) + the delicious plantain;  Plenty of coconut trees to make your fresh coconut milk, one of the most digest and healthy vegetal milk (great option for all of us intolerant to lactose), plenty of vanillia, guanabana/ soursop, jackfruits, custard apple (one of my favorite),  plenty of mangoes, three species of lemon (keylime, local lemon, yellow lemon), tamarindo, araza, mangosteen, cacao,  snakefruit, mabolo, water apple, pineapple, almond beach and mamon tree but also  rare in most of our yards down here: red fruits like blackberry, and mulberry.

And let’s not forget the cinnamom tree, great for teas or to add to pastries.

There are also many plants to flavour your home cooking dish: Basilic, origan, pepper, lemon grass, mint. tumeric, ginger, etc.
Many flowers too, where butterflies, birds of all species feed on. And yes there is also cafe, you may grind and enjoy looking at the eco system right at your door step.

This yard is fully sustainable, one could really live from the land and from the cabin income.

And yes I kept the price for last: all those for $680,000 buyer pays closing costs. In Pavones, the current price of the raw land,  walking distance to the beach with clean title (not so easy to find , believe me) is currently at $125/sq/m.

Keep in mind, there is plenty of space to build more if you wish too.

Ok ok , i ll stop writing, time for the pics:

The main cabin:




The 2020 pine cabin:





The third cabin, built in concrete:






Let’s look at the yard: not so easy to show you the true beauty of this property, but notice the fairly flat land and the large variety of plants, trees and flowers:





Let’s end this listing with an amazing pic of one of the many birds you will be able to spot from any of the three homes on the land, enjoy, this one is to stay thankfull and celebrate Mother Nature!




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