Off grid home on a 6.1 acres Above Rancho Mar Pavones

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Property Detail

  • Price

    : $285,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Area

    : 6.1 acres or 25000 sq/m

  • Location

    : Pavones

Property Description

Off grid home with unbelievable variety of mature fruit trees, medicinal and edible for $285,000

One of my favourite property for its simplicity and its abundance: i won’t say it enough, this is the true sustainable farm i have been in: so many fuits trees, so many plants.

Its location: it is literaly above Rancho Mar/ saw mills beach, around 2 miles/ 3 km away. There are two roads to access the farm: a longer road via La Hierba Road , well maintained because most of it,  is a public road: this one takes around 15 minutes, driving at 30 miles an hour. the shorter road goes through a primary and secondary forest, it is an easement and in around 5 minutes , you would get to the main road, another 5 minutes drive will takes you to downtown Pavones. Only 4×4, don’t even try without it.

The house as you will see on the pics needs to be finished but its bases are strong. It is a two story home,  made of concrete and hard wood. Down stairs is a secure garage , upstairs is the living quarter, all open , no walls, but the all around extented roof provides great shelter and a comfortable life style where no air is trapped. It actually feels really good to sit upstairs, observing the nature below, wondering which fruits would I eat today 🙂 .  It was home of a local family for many years: they planted all the trees and plants. They used to live with one solar panel , and raised their last child in the oasis they completly created. The father put in, all his farm knowledge. This family used to work for the owner which goal was to create a complete sustainable farm.

The owner decided to put the farm for sale, no worries the family caretaking the property is now living in his own house and has plenty of work taking care of many properties: good and knowledgeable workers  are always busy!

The house comes with 6.1 acres ( 25,000 sq/m) of land, most of it is usable due to a very advantageous topography.

The property has also water.

The owner is motivated : you may buy the whole farm  with the home and the 6.1 cares for $285,000 but he is also offering his property as below: ( i created a listing for each division). Each survey and title is ready to sell.

-Two lots : each one with 1.5 acre  or  6,000m2 . each lot at  $46,000:
– A third lot with the house  and 1.8 acre or 7,600 m2 at $140,000 , that is a true deal.
– A fourth lot with 1.6 acre or  6,500m2 at $50,000.

See the pics below:








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