1.5 acres @ $46,000 Pavones Rancho Mar

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Property Detail

  • Price

    : $46,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Area

    : 1.5 acre or 5866 sq/m

  • Location

    : Pavones

Property Description

Large lot for sale above Rancho Mar for $46,000

Its location: it is literaly above Rancho Mar/ saw mills beach, around 2 miles/ 3 km away. There are two roads to access the farm: a longer road via La Hierba Road , well maintained because most of it,¬† is a public road: this one takes around 15 minutes, driving at 30 miles an hour. the shorter road goes through a primary and secondary forest, it is an easement and in around 5 minutes , you would get to the main road, another 5 minutes drive will takes you to downtown Pavones. Only 4×4, don’t even try without it.

Please see the following property as this lot can be sold separatly or as part of the farm featured in the listing below:

Off grid home on a 6.1 acres Above Rancho Mar Pavones

This lot is fairly flat, and the closest to the access road  which leads to Saw Mills Beach/ Playa Rancho Mar.


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