Pavones airport Costa Rica

Pavones Airport project has started.

The needed Airport in Pavones Costa Rica is on its way.

Great news:

Pavones airport is on its way :

The municipality of Golfito and the association of development of Cocal Amarillo have signed an agreement about a mutual effort on the management and the building of a small airport in Pavones. The airport is already on site in Cocal Amarillo, right between Pavones and Pilon. The airport is 10 minutes from Pavones and will be a great asset to the tourism . So far most of the local community and the tourists drive 7 hours from San Jose, or land in Golfito, which is still one hour and 15 minutes from Pavones , its beaches and amazing rainforest.

“Pavones airport is very important as many foreigners are already visiting this area” said Freiner Lara Blanco , the Golfito City Hall president.

Pavones airport will sure bring more visitors to the area. This is a really pristine coast visited mostly by surfers, as Pavones is famous for its long left. But the area is eager to get another kind of tourism, families, bird watchers, nature lovers…

Pavón and the Golfo Dulce is also a fun place to play;  Kite surf ,  SUP downwind  and sailing are offered in the the dry season ( December to April: see Agua Vida Surf. com.)Mountain biking is also an activity that could really boom since there are many untouched trails. Tourists may also discover the rain forest and the long beaches on a horse back riding, with experienced local businesses.

On his side, the mayor from Golfito, Delon Arroyo Blandon,mentioned that “ we can get to Pavones by land or by sea, but the length of the ride can discourage most of the tourists. That is the main reason why Golfito Municipality and the community are working together on the creation of Pavones airport.”

Golfito mayor also explained that the airport is on a 5 hectares land (12.5 acres) and is very closed to the beach.

The  association of development of Cocal Amarillo agreed to take care of the cleaning and the filling of the land meanwhile Golfito Municipality will manage obtaining the permits with the Civil Aviation, who is aware of the project and already came to inspect the existing airstrip.

The Golfito mayor and the Municipality president are confirming that the Municipality  is working hard to make this dream come true. It is a necessary expensive project.

Most of the local community is pleased to have an airport in a near future:  “We may be able to use the word ” convenient” in our daily life!”

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