Hi , Hola , Bonjour!

My name is Nathalie, i am the tall one on the right!

I started Real Estate 12 years ago in Florida.
Here i focused on the south zone of Costa Rica from Dominical to Pavones. I specialized on sales of raw land and jungle estates.
I may assist you to find a vacation home too or a long term rental.

My real estate concept:

I probably hiked most of the hills around me, following a seller, on a horse , on a quad, on a bike or in my boots! I have seen beautiful untouched places, secrets springs and waterfalls, unlisted animals.

I meet families, from Costa Rica and foreigners willing to sell their properties for many different personal reasons. I meet buyers in quest of a the New, investors or home seekers.

I understand my task is to find the right property for you. I am a good listener and make sure i don’t waste your time showing you unappropriated listings.
I am also very respectful of your money. I sure know it doesn’t grow on trees. So i introduce you to properties with clean title, or non disputed.
There is no secret between you and me. Everything in on the open so you can make an educated choice. You may pick my brain too. I am pretty knowledgeable, and if i don’t know, i will find out.

I am also pleased to list your property and keep you up to date with the current real estate market in Costa Rica.

I also make sure that both parts, seller and buyer are in complete agreement with the contract.

I work with professionals I trust: lawyers and surveyors.
I know what the area offers: natural resources (teak, bamboo, palm,tourism), activities ( surf, Stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, spot fishing, martial arts, yoga etc), trades (mechanic, doctors, dentists, wood work etc)

Property management is a big part of my business:

I can assist you with your property taxes, corporations, surveys, car inspection, shipping etc.

Fluent in three languages to serve you better:

I speak and write English, Spanish and French, so don’t hesitate to contact me, by using the contact form on your right.


Call me: (011- 506) 8380-5877

I am located in in the southern golf of Costa Rica: Golfo Dulce, in Cocal Amarillo, near Puerto Pilón, 10 minutes from Pavones beaches.

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