Big farm for sustainable project near Pavones

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Property Detail

  • Price

    : $399,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Area

    : 35 acres or 143,704 sq/m

  • Location

    : Cuervito

  • State

    : Puntarenas

  • Country

    : Costa Rica

Property Description

Ready to save our beautiful planet?

With its 35 acres (15 hectares), this farm is perfect to start an eco farm. This large farm is bordered by a fresh river, where, water is abundant.

PavonesĀ  and Bahia Pavon is a remote area in need of entrepreneurs and investors involved in agroecology in order to create a sustainable farm.

The farm can hold many homes that you could build with clay, already abundant on site.

You are an expert in agroecology or you want to finance such a project, please consider the south of Costa Rica: many species grow without effort: bananas, coconut, avocadoes, rice, beans, yucca, papaya, mangos, lichees, peanut, bread fruit, sweet potatoes, cashews, water apple, lemon, oranges, star fruits, jack fruits, moringa, basil, rosemary, aloe, tumeric, ginger etc etc. Pavon soil is rich.

That farm is an Ocean view farm, 10 minutes drive from the beach, Cuervito, $399,000

The title of the property is solid and with my expertise, this property could be in your name, or your corpration name wihin 2 weeks. Your project will then start pretty fast. This purchase also allows you to apply and get your residency in Costa Rica. I am able to assistĀ  you to complete those steps.

Water, plenty of land, ocean view, cool breeze, great soil to plant and live a sustainable life. Bring your team, form your team, learn the local knowledge about the nature in Bahia Pavon.

Smaller farms are also available:

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