Acres for sale with ocean view near Pavones

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Property Detail

  • Price

    : $120,000.00 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Location

    : Cocal Amarillo

  • Address

    : La Hierba

  • City

    : Pavones

  • State

    : Puntarenas

  • Country

    : Costa Rica

Property Description

8.75 acres of land close to the beach near Pavones Costa Rica

This farm has two road access: A beach side road and a mountain road.
The beach access is, as today, not always possible by car, especially during the rainy season.
Quads, bikes and horses always go through. The beach is only 7 minutes from the beach,with a motorized vehicle. The road is amazingly majestic with its huge  old trees, its healthy perfumed forest.

The mountain access will take around 20 minutes. The road goes through a small community with a school, and up it goes, then down again to those acres with ocean view.

From the gate of the farm, you will first see a rounded hill planted with few palm trees. Then the drive way will take you to flat spot. The farm extends then toward the ocean. From here , you will enjoy an ocean view. You are actually looking at the Golfo Dulce and Zancudo shores.
The all farm has a smooth topography.

The electricity doesn’t reach the farm, but could be brought in. Solar system would be a good idea for that farm.

This farm is a titled farm with a survey.

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